School library services

The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) provides a central cataloguing service for school libraries. Schools in Australia and New Zealand subscribe to SCIS products and services. SCIS reduces costs for school libraries and resource management tasks by providing

  • catalogue record download service – consistent, quality controlled records are available for download from a reliable centralised cataloguing database that is responsive to education resource publishing
  • resource selection services – allows subscribers to search and browse all records downloaded by schools as a basis for resource procurement, including free online resources
  • independent expert resource reviews to further support resource selection
  • school-focused subject headings and metadata standards

The SCIS database contains more than 1.4 million catalogue records of educational materials including books, e-books, apps and websites. SCIS library catalogue records can be downloaded into school library systems as needed or as batch operations. Up to 2,000 schools log on to SCIS each day and 8.6 million records are downloaded from the SCIS library service by over 9,000 school libraries each year.

SCIS distributes Connections, a free quarterly newsletter to schools in Australia. Connections newsletter assists library staff to keep up to date with the latest in information services and information communication technologies.

Visit the SCIS website at