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On July 1 2015, Education Services Australia closed Curriculum Press and discontinued publishing, distribution and retail activities.

As part of the closure, subscription services for Curriculum Bytes, Resourcebank and The Real Game Digital Edition have also been discontinued.

Cengage Learning has taken on many of the titles published by Curriculum Press.
Please contact their customer service team on 1300 790 853 or for enquiries regarding availability and to purchase these titles.

Curriculum Press also distributed products published by publishers below. Please contact the publisher directly regarding availability of their products:

Stenhouse Publishers
Pembroke Publishers
International Reading Association (now International Literacy Association)
Teachers Pocketbooks
Hawker Brownlow Education
Primary English Teachers Association
Australian Children’s Television Foundation

If you are looking for the online resources for Curriculum Press publications, weblinks and template files are now available for download using the below links:

Guiding Thinking for Effective Spelling

Evolving Pedagogies


Lighting Mathematical Fires 2
Thinking Through Mathematics: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3
Indonesian Language: Pandai!, Ayo Bermain
Chinese Language: Hao Ji Le!, Lai Wan Youxi
Japanese Language: Joozu!, Asobo Manabo
Action Stations: Digital Storytelling, Cool Tools for the Connected Classroom
Tuning in with Topics: Lower Primary, Middle Primary, Upper Primary
Cornerstones in Number Series: Fractions 6-9,  8-12 Place Value 6-9, 8-12  Counting 5-9, 8-12