Student Wellbeing Hub

Student Wellbeing Hub LogoThe Student Wellbeing Hub offers a suite of current, best-practice and appropriate digital resources for school communities to build and sustain positive, respectful and supportive teaching and learning environments. The Hub contains a range of digital resources for teachers, parents and students, including:

  • professional learning modules for educators on key topics related to student wellbeing
  • teaching strategies and age-appropriate classroom activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum and designed for primary and secondary year level groups
  • an audit tool to assist schools to assess their approach to student wellbeing, and to provide advice on ways to address areas needing attention
  • a designated student space with information, advice, games and other resources to promote student wellbeing
  • a central online information source for parents about current topics and issues.

The National Safe Schools Framework is an essential part of Australia's national approach to supporting schools in building safe school communities. All education ministers have endorsed the Framework and they are committed to supporting its take-up in schools.

The Framework provides a vision and a set of guiding principles for safe and supportive school communities that promote student wellbeing and develop respectful relationships. The Framework identifies key elements that help create teaching and learning environments where all members of school communities feel secure from harassment, aggression, violence and bullying.

School communities can access a range of case studies about the practical application of each of the nine elements of the Framework, and an online audit tool to review current policies and practices and to pinpoint priority areas for action. Educators will find a range of practical strategies and links to existing evidence-based research, programs, and relevant quality national and international websites. These can be used to develop and implement local school-based programs.

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training in conjunction with Education Services Australia have developed the Student Wellbeing Hub and a suite of digital resources to support schools to implement the National Safe Schools Framework.

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