National Digital Learning Resources Network

sample image from a Science resource. Links to the National Digital Learning Resources NetworkEducation Services Australia (ESA) manages the National Digital Learning Resources Networkfor the Standing Council on Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC). This includes:

  • managing and maintaining he national collection of digital resources and tools
  • aligning digital resources to the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • maintaining licencing and copyright for the national collection
  • maintaining the technical infrastructure
  • hosting of existing systems to facilitate national distribution of digital resources.

The  National Digital Learning Resources Network builds on Ministers' investment in The Learning Federation initiative 2001–09. The national digital resource collection, infrastructure and standards have been collaboratively developed and are jointly owned by all jurisdictions.

The National Digital Learning Resources Network contains over 20,000 digital resources that are free for use in all Australian schools. The resources are made available to teachers through state and territory portals or Scootle and to pre-service teachers through Scootle. They are provided in a variety of formats that include:

  • interactive, multimedia resources
  • audio, photo and video resources that result from partnerships with national private and public cultural and collection agencies
  • open-ended tools for teachers and students to create learning resources
  • interactive assessment resources
  • work samples
  • collections of curriculum resources
  • teacher ideas and units of work.

The national infrastructure includes:

  • a repository for digital resources commissioned and licensed for the
    national collection
  • a metadata repository providing access to resources in cultural
    agencies and government and non-government organisations
  • an exchange enabling sharing of resources by teachers and jurisdictions
  • web services linking to state and territory repositories
  • the Scootle national portal
  • the Improve online formative assessment system.

The Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) and agreed standards for digital resources, technical infrastructure, metadata and rights management support a national operating environment for the digital resources and infrastructure.

The National Digital Learning Resources Network is informed by research on the use of digital resources in teaching and learning.