Language Learning Space

The award-winning Language Learning Space is a web-based platform offering resources and services to support teachers and students in Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese language classrooms in Australia. There has been a strong acceptance of the platform within the primary and secondary language teaching sectors. 

The Language Learning Space includes:

  • 30 immersive, game-based student challenges set in each country
  • Resources and lessons aligned to the Australian Curriculum
  • Practice in core language concepts
  • Online language course materials
  • Teacher development material in formats such as videos, blogs and e-books
  • The ePublication series, ‘World Student’, with advice for first time visitors to China, Indonesia and Japan.

All students are also able to access qualified tutors (via Skype or similar service) based in China, Indonesia or Japan to practise their pronunciation and listening skills.

Australian teachers are able to deliver language learning programs, monitor student progress, communicate with other teachers within Australia and engage in professional learning.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, the LLS is part of a broader commitment to language learning. All services in the LLS are available at no cost to Australian educators and students.

The LLS is part of the ESA suite of language learning products, which also includes the award winning mobile app, CanUHanyu, RasaBahasa, the app for Indonesian language students and NihongoGo, the app for Japanese language students.