Improve logo. Links to the Support page of the Improve websiteImprove is an interactive assessment tool developed by Education Services Australia that enables teachers to create and conduct personalised student tests in English, maths and science from a bank of over 3500 validated and moderated assessment items sourced from national and international test programs in which Australian students participate.

Improve is freely available to all teachers and students in Australia.

The focus of Improve is to enable teachers and students to gain a better understanding of each student's abilities. Adaptable content enables teachers to create programs suitable for a range of learners.

Improve allows for better knowledge retention as it generates real-time results that identify knowledge gaps and provides access to fun and engaging digital resources that target those gaps. Digital learning resources directly relate to tested knowledge and are designed to enhance skill development.

Parents are also able to take part in the learning process by using the dedicated parent login to review Improve test results and assist their child with learning activities at home.

As Improve is easily accessed via new technologies being embraced by schools such as tablets and interactive whiteboards, it presents an appealing environment for teachers, students and parents alike. As the activities in Improve are self-guided, students are provided with an opportunity to take control of their learning.

Improve supports a comprehensive learning experience and is being embraced as a tool that can be used to better prepare all Australian students for future educational challenges.