Using ESA material

Copyright in Education Services Australia projects and publications is owned by Education Services Australia and/or its educational partners, or, where indicated, by a third party.

Wherever possible, Education Services Australia makes its material available:

  • under a Creative Commons licence (for details of these licences refer to Smartcopyingand Creative Commons); or
  • for non-commercial educational use, free from copyright collecting society fees.

For material to which a Creative Commons licence does not apply, please refer to the Terms of Use associated with the relevant website or the Imprint Page for guidance on permitted non-commercial educational uses.

If, after consulting the relevant Terms of Use or Imprint Page:

  • you are confident that your intended use is a permitted non-commercial educational use, you do not need to seek further permission from Education Services Australia. However, you must include the copyright line “© Education Services Australia” on your reproduction of the material; or
  • you remain unsure whether your intended use of Education Services Australia material falls within the permitted uses, please complete this Permission Request Form (PDF, 119KB) and submit to

Unless the material is made available under a Creative Commons BY licence or relevant terms/conditions of use allow modification or adaption, you must contact Education Services Australia at you:

  • intend to charge others for use or access to Education Services Australia material
  • intend to publish a modified version of any Education Services Australia material.

If material indicates (either next to the item or in the Acknowledgements section) that it may be owned by a third party, you may need to contact the third party to request permission to reproduce their material. Where the third party is the Australian Government, you may need to contact the Australian Government Department of Educationat request permission to reproduce that material.