Company Objects

The Company Objects outline the purpose of and services to be provided by Education Services Australia. The objects are:

  1. to advance key nationally agreed and commissioned education initiatives, programs and projects in line with national education initiatives such as the national curriculum by providing services to SCSEEC and other education and training bodies. Included within scope are:
    1. researching, testing and developing effective and innovative technologies and communication systems for use in education;
    2. devising, developing and delivering curriculum and assessment, professional development, career and information support services;
    3. facilitating the pooling, sharing and distribution of knowledge, resources and services to support and promote e-learning; and
    4. supporting national infrastructure to ensure access to quality assured systems and content and interoperability between individuals, entities and systems;
  2. to create, publish, disseminate and market curriculum and assessment materials, ICT based solutions, products and services to support learning, teaching, leadership and administration, as required by the company owners and/or to be paid for by those organisations which commission such work; and
  3. to act as required as the legal company for SCSEEC.