Japanese Language Learning Leaps into Cyberspace for Australian Students 


January 19 2015


The Language Learning Space for Japanese -lls.edu.au - is now available for Australian schools. The eagerly awaited service provides students and teachers with specifically designed activities, resources, tools and language learning opportunities that make learning Japanese even more exciting.

The Japanese Language Learning Space is an innovative online language learning platform funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. The Japanese Language Learning Space builds on the success of the existing Chinese and Indonesian sites to boost Japanese language learning and teaching. It helps students practice their Japanese language skills and assists language teachers to learn about new ideas.

The Language Learning Space helps students practise their Japanese language skills and helps language teachers learn about new ideas.

Teachers and students can log on to access:

  • Exciting games-based challenges that are set in authentic , real-world Japanese contexts where students build and practise their language skills and intercultural awareness
  • Native-speaking Japanese tutors who run regular and engaging lessons with Australian students at no charge
  • Online units that extend student learning, including over 600 free resources
  • A comprehensive professional learning program on a range of current topics
  • A web version of the exciting new Japanese language learning app, NihonggoGo (based on the award-winning CanuHanyu)
  • World Student ebooks available to download for Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese.

Schools can use the Language Learning Space to boost Indonesian language learning and teaching. With engaging student challenges, a free tutor service and access to media-rich resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum, it’s a great head- start to language learning. 


For more information contact John Dainutis, Director Strategic Communications, Education Services Australia: +61 416 207 860 john.dainutis@esa.edu.au